So what are we?

So what are we?.


Jennifer Rodriguez: Miami Ice

Jennifer Rodriguez: Miami Ice.

If they would move the Summer Olympics to January and February this could work as Miami has a lovely winter season.


Earlier today, the USOC announced that it has officially begun looking into potentially making a bid for the 2024 summer Olympics. It has sent out letters to the mayors of 35 American cities (the 25 largest metropolitan areas plus ten others that have already expressed intent) to gauge interest. America’s previous two applicant cities — New York City (2012) and Chicago (2016) — are on the list, as is Miami.

This got me thinking. Is it even remotely feasible for Miami to host the Olympics?

Well, let’s look at it logically. The letter sent out to potential candidate cities included the following requirements:

• 45,000 hotel rooms.

•  An Olympic Village that sleeps 16,500 and has a 5000-person dining hall.

•  Operations space for over 15,000 media and broadcasters.

•  An international airport that can handle thousands of international travelers per day.

•  Public transportation service to venues.

•  Roadway closures to…

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Trying all kinds of social media as I’m going to teach it in coming semester. HELP!! Haha

Web page class

Listening to Alex making web design as simple as possible to understand and execute. All I want to do is to develop this killer web address that everyone will flock to and someone will pay me googles of money to buy it from me. It’ll have all kinds of journalists on it, with pics, you know really exciting people like Leonard Pitts, Yves Colon, Lesley Stahl, real lookers. You don’t think this is going to go over well? Oh well.

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