Yves Colon

Yves Colon is a lecturer in journalism at the University of Miami.

Yves is a graduate of the University of Missouri School of Journalism and has worked as a reporter and editor with The Miami Herald over 18 years. He has written extensively about immigration, Haitians in Miami and Haiti. Yves also has worked in development media in Haiti, where he led a USAID-funded project on civic education through community radios.

Yves is a board member of H.E.L.P, the Haitian Education Leadership Program, which sponsors 100 young Haitian high school graduates at different universities in Haiti.

Yves is married to the beautiful Melissa Moonves, a photographer and affordable housing developer. They have two sons, Jacques and Ian.


3 responses to “Yves Colon

  1. Ralph Osterliong

    I have been working with the Mellon Hospital in Haiti and have plans for low cost housing, jobs at the factory to produce them in Haiti and the monies are available from US donations. How do we make it work. We, some of the hospital team are frustrated and disappointed that we cannot help.
    we are willing!

    • Hi Ralph. Sorry it’s been a while. I”m learning this social media thing and only now came back to this site. I’m connecting everything now. Anything new with project?

    • Why not partner with someone in Haiti like the Mellon Hospital. How about HELP, the Haitian Education Leadership Program, http://www.uhelp.net. I serve on its board. Sometimes all it takes is a good partner to get things off the ground.

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